If you visit a garden center today, chances are that you are going to find quite a few plants that you are able to identify and even give some good advice in how to take care of them. Most of these plants have been in the market for years because they are attractive and perform quite well, given the proper care. After a few years of seeing the same plants over and over again some people will start wondering if there is something new and different out there that will grow well.
If you have been asking that question yourself, the answer is yes. There is a lot of unusual plants just waiting to be introduced.

  Here at Gardino Nursery we specialize in rare and unusual tropical plants that are beautiful and easy to grow. We started as a backyard nursery in 1976 growing primarily ferns, orchids, and irises. Today we own a 10 acre wholesale/retail nursery in Delray Beach, Fl., but we still treat our customers the same way as we did when we started.  
  Our job today consists in collecting rare and unusual plants with good market potential, find out their best growing conditions, cultural problems, methods of propagation and finally put them to the biggest test of all; take them to plant shows and find out about people's acceptance. We even follow up with some of our regular customers about how their plant purchases are performing in their homes. Then we select the best ones for propagation and finally we are able to offer some of these plants to you.


Gardino Nursery : a tropical nursery in South Florida specializing in a variety of rare and unusual plants.
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