Stephanotis floribunda

Here are some suggestions of some rewarding, yet easy plants to grow.
Many plants can fit this criteria. We have select those that are nice looking, but also don't require too much care, are low maintenance, and have few problems with pest and diseases.

To be successful you just have to provide a few conditions and give the plant some water and fertilizer.
The most important conditions are:
1. minimum temperature
2. amount of light
3. amount of water

When you water a plant, give plenty of water and make sure that the water penetrates the soil and comes out of the drainage holes out of the bottom of the pot.
For each plant, the frequency of watering will vary and we use the following criteria to define it.
-average : water and let the soil dry out a little bit before watering again
-keep moist : never let the soil dry out completely
-keep on the dry side : water, let the soil dry out, and wait a few days before watering again

Since these plants are easy to grow, any fertilizer should work, but you must follow the fertilizer directions for use.

Check out the recommendations below, see if its something you might like to start out with. We grow all of our plants outdoors in South Florida. We do not guarantee success of our plants indoors without the proper environment.

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