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Sally M. - Colorado 3/25/11

I just received my first order from Gardino Nursery. I was impressed, first of all, that I had been contacted before my order shipped asking if I would like a heat pack added to my shipping box. This was great because the weather here is unpredictable. It could be in the mid-seventies one day and snowing the next. I had ordered tropical plants and didn't want to risk exposing them to any frigid temperatures. I felt this was great customer service as I've never had this offered to me from other nurseries.

Upon unpacking my plants, I was astonished with the quality of the plants. I purchase most of my plants with the intent to add to my bonsai collection. I usually have to begin my own plant training and trim to redirect growth. I was overjoyed at the care and proper pruning that was given to the plants I received. Someone at Gardino Nursery had taken precious time and energy and made crucial decisions to the forms of the plants to give more than just "required" care. I thank you greatly for this. It is more appreciated than I can express. You have a customer for life.
With gratitude,

plumeria79 - Texas 3/31/11
I have placed several orders with Gardino. I've ordered Hoyas, clerodendrums, and other plants and every time I order I am thrilled when I receive my plants. They really know how to pack plants and they sell a quality product. A few times I have ordered plants such as Pachystachys and they were kind enough to e-mail or call me to let me know that the plants didn't look so good due to a cold snap and they ask if I still want the plants. I love Gardino Nursery because of their honesty, quality of their plants, and their customer service. This nursery is second to none!

I received another order from Gardino Nursery last Saturday and I was thrilled with the quality of the plants, speed at which I received them, and how well the plants were packed. Gardino Nursery is the real deal- they know plants, they know how to ship them, and they know how to keep their customers coming back for more! You won't be disappointed in anything if you try Gardino!


Sam - 3/27/13
I wanted to take a moment and write a few lines to praise you and your business. I called quite a few months ago to inquire about  a plant know as the leafless bird of paradise. I was informed that you were out of stock but would notify me when they were back in. Well true to your word you e-mailed me last week to say they were available. I ordered 2 of them and they arrived today. The plants are beautiful and much larger than I anticipated. They were expertly packed and arived without as much as a grain of dirt spilled. Your communication and customer service are second to none. Please accept my thanks to you and your team of staff. You all are a top rated company and run a professional and courteous business.


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